Creating People Advantage 2012. Mastering HR challenges in a
two-speed world

Business leaders throughout the world continue to struggle with the complexities of a two-speed world: they face economic crisis in Europe and weak growth in the developed economies while also facing rapid growth in the developing world. Volatility and uncertainty have become new constant. These realities create difficult people-management challenges that range from keeping up with supply-and-demand fluctuations to ensuring an adequate talent pipeline for the future. Aggravating these challenges are the growing talent shortage and rising leadership deficits, which are fueled in part by profound demographic changes and are expected to worsen significantly in the coming years. This situation creates a buyer’s market for talented individuals

Many companies recognize that today, more than ever, their people have become their most critical competitive asset. But they need to sharpen their efforts, integrate processes for greater impact, and manage globally while allowing for regional adaptation. That's a tall order - particularly considering the resource squeeze that has forced many HR organizations to do more with less.

This global report by The Boston Consulting Group and the World Federation of People Management examines critical trends in people-management by exploring 22 key HR topics.

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