2018 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends

The rise of the social enterprise

In 2018, we are witnessing seismic changes in the workforce, the workplace, and the technologies used in the world of work. Based on this year’s global survey of more than 11,000 business and HR leaders, as well as interviews with executives from some of today’s leading organizations, we believe that a fundamental change is underway. Organizations are no longer assessed based only on traditional metrics such as financial performance, or even the quality of their products or services. Rather, organizations today are increasingly judged on the basis of their relationships with their workers, their customers, and their communities, as well as their impact on society at large—transforming them from business enterprises into social enterprises.

The 2018 survey reveals the following trends:

  • Trend 1. The symphonic C-suite: Teams leading teams
  • Trend 2. The workforce ecosystem: Managing beyond the enterprise 
  • Trend 3. New rewards: Personalized, agile, and holistic 
  • Trend 4. From careers to experiences: New pathways 
  • Trend 5. The longevity dividend: Work in an era of 100-year lives 
  • Trend 6. Citizenship and social impact: Society holds the mirror
  • Trend 7. Well-being: A strategy and a responsibility 
  • Trend 8. Al, robotics, and automation: Put humans in the loop
  • Trend 9. The hyper-connected workplace: Will productivity reign? 
  • Trend 10. People data: How far is too far? 

A call to action

The 2018 Global Human Capital Trends report sounds a wake-up call for organizations. The rise of the social enterprise requires a determined focus on building social capital by engaging with diverse stakeholders, accounting for external trends, creating a sense of mission and purpose throughout the organization, and devising strategies that manage new societal expectations. At stake is nothing less than an organization’s reputation, relationships, and, ultimately, success or failure.

In this new era, human capital is inextricably tied to social capital. This reality demands a fundamental pivot in how organizations do business today—and how they prepare for the human capital challenges of the future.

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